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About Us

NTA eSTORE  provides innovative and good quality electronic gadgets. With more than 60 years manufacturing technique and sub-contracting experience for world famous brands, you can pay less and get the same quality products at NTA eSTORE.


Our brands are :-


On-Music  for " easy to carry " portable music speakers


On-Care  for personal care products


NTA  for electrical & electronic products 


On-Music speakers are made from the idea of " The power of Music ". Our music speaker is a " Quality Music Carrier ", which delivers good and quality music as close as the original version of music to everybody in the world, who loves music, and also carry joy and peaceful feeling across countries through Music. On-Care products are carefully designed for your everyday needs, the products will cover from sonic tooth brushes to men and women electric shavers. NTA is a well-known brand of the UK in the trade of electrical installation and accessories, and their good quality & innovative image has been recognized within the trade for more than 60 years.


NTA is a group of companies founded in 1949 at Hong Kong with years manufacturing to world recognized quality, sophisticated skill and know-how technology. Our strong innovative design leads to have registered successfully several UK, Hong Kong & China Patents, and more than ten of UK, USA & Hong Kong Design Registrations.


For more information of NTA, please visit :     www.nta.com.hk


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